Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is it Summer Yet?

What? You looking at me? What?

Take me to your leader!

I've had some phenomenal Powder days this year, and I hope to get maybe another this week BUT, these warm days are killing me. I paddled Westwater last week with Johnnie A. Shizznittle, and Wiley and the sun was out, 61 degrees, I got a sunburn. The weather has been perfect for running. Tiff's been digging in the dirt, we have the garden started in planter boxes in Kaya's room. I'm ready for
"The Warm".

Kaya has a new habit. It includes digging her fingernails deep into any fleshy surface that is mistakenly placed within her short reach. This usually includes my neck, cheeks, eyeballs, eyelids, lips and nose(it really hurts when she gets a finger in your nose and then pinches)

So the other day we were out in the yard, Tiffy was cleaning up the garden, I was packing for Weswater, getting stuff out of my shed which I Love. Kaya is sitting in her Bumbo chair watching Tiffy and in general just looking like a garden variety Garden Gnome in her Pata-guccie hoodie(thx Murdocks). Ani the big black lab is roaming the yard, chewing anything that should cross her path and knocking kids down with her waggin tail. She approaches Kaya and the battle for the number 2 female in the family was about to be decided. Ani got right down in Kaya's face, Kaya latched on to Ani's lips with her piercing fingernails and dug in. That big black dog just sat and waited patiently for the claws of death to release and the pain to subside. So I guess Kaya established her dominance early on, and Ani secured her place in my heart.

Chillaxin on the swing with little Miss Alien Eyes


Newty said...
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tiffy girl said...

what a cute little princess! I love how she loves to be outside...your little girl fo sho!

Grandma Nancy said...

Those are some might slim cheeks that Princess is sporting around.
What an angel.

mich said...

She has earned these words "SO DAMN CUTE!"

~~Heidi~~ said...

She is so cute!! Love the shades!!!
And what a good dog!! She such a keeper!
Ty just said he likes uncle paul in the black shirt and hat!

Shanny Lou said...

just noticed that you and your bro are representing kar MA Bay in that backpacking photo. strong work.