Monday, December 29, 2008

Digital Disobedience

Got Tiffy a new camera for christmas so we have been taking and deleting copious amounts of photos. This one is a keeper though. Who knew, dogs can't read? 

Monday, December 8, 2008


When you see the title of the post don't read it, sing it, like you are the Fiddler on the Roof!
A few weeks ago we decided it was time for our pumpkins to recieve a proper burial, so we shot them to pieces. The kids loved it and even Tiff has a little whitetrash in her! I think this is going to be a new yearly treat.
Hurry up and shoot Max, before Obama takes our guns! ;)

Noah practicing his redneckin skills
cause girls only want boyfriends with skills

Tippy the redneck princess!
(She's lethal with a Glock from 30 yrds so watch out!)
So once we finally killed the Halloween/Thanksgiving punkins it was time for the Christmas tree to make its entrance. I love Christmas, but in our family the tradition is that no one is allowed to listen to Christmas music until the Thanksgiving Turkey has been properly stored in my belly. The rest of the tradition handbook states that Paul will bring the tree downstairs and assemble said tree on the day after Thanksgiving. Once the tree is assembled Pauls only remaining duties are to hold the couch down, drink pepsi and eat starkles. It really is a great tradition!

My work here is done!

OK, now my work is done!

Post Thankgiving tradition used to dictate a long cold day spent goose hunting on the banks of the Colorado River. That tradition morphed into a long cold day spent Kayaking on the Colorado River. I did see a lot of geese though and even some people hunting our old stomping grounds.
Last years kayak trip down Westwater.

This years Westwater Trip!
(can you tell what new piece of "paddling" equipment I got this year?)

And now it looks like Tiff is trying to start a new tradition by taking herself to Hawaii for a week. I think at some point the boys and I would like to get in on that one. (Although I wouldn't give up a day of paddling to go anywhere, not even Hawaii! ok, maybe Hawaii)

Na Pali

That brings us to our most recent tradition. The infamous lighting of the park in Mapleton. The lights failed to turn on at the flip of the switch as usual. And the 1st graders sing songs but they put Noah on the ground where no one was able to see him, but we continued the Tradition anyway.
The kids wore reindeer hats and Sunglasses for the reindeer rap. Max figured he would get in on it too! He refused to take them of the entire night.

Little Corey Hart!
(wondering who Corey hart is? Click the video)