Thursday, October 14, 2010

MiddleFork of the Salmon, and random flotsam

Ok, granted it's been a while since I posted but it's because we have been busy, and I'm lazy, and no one really cares anyway. I'm sure there are a few of you out there that are eager for a Kaya update so I'll give you that first and then if you want to stop reading you can.
Kaya is doing very well. She has doubled her weight to 10 lbs. The Dr's looked at her lungs and said don't worry, they looked at her heart and said don't worry. She passed her hearing test, don't worry. She still has the facial palsy, we have yet to hear back on the Genetic testing. I emailed the Geneticist today looking for answers. We worry. I blessed her this past Sunday. For you non mormon readers I gave her a blessing but no "Christening" as Mormons don't buy into the "Babies go to hell if not baptized" theory. It was a beautiful day. Kaya wore a dress made specifically for her for this day made by Grandma Karen. I'm not much for fancy clothes and I don't get too emotional about dresses but this dress was phenomenal.
Yeah, we love her

Me and my girl
Many thanks to everyone who made this a special day for us.

Looking back on the last few months we really have had a great end of summer.
Took the boys and My dad and Greg and Tapeaty backpacking in the Uinta's

Learning the art of Flyfishing

Noah practicing his 4 count rhythm between 10 and 2

This was Max's first year playing Soccer. It took him a game or two to figure out the point of the game but then his competitive fire came out and he kicked ass.
Don't be fooled by the smile, he is a fierce competitor.

Took some family photos for the Christmas Card

Rode the ponies at least once a week.

Took Kaya on her first run in the jogger

We took Grandpa Brian's boat to Strawberry for the day but we forgot to take the camera with us. It was such a beautiful day, the Aspens were Golden, the sun was warm and the cutthroat were biting. We caught this guy on a HTF (that's Murdock speak for High Tech Fly). Max was determined that we bring it home and eat it, so we did. Noah was a little hesitant to watch as I thumped it on the head but Max was laughing a hysterical, maniacal, frightening laugh as he yelled "Die Fishy Die" It did make for a tasty dinner and an opportunity to talk to the boys about where our food comes from. For the record, you can keep one Cutthroat over 24 inches, so that's what this one was 24 1/2

As anyone who knows me is aware, every January I apply for river permits on the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho, and every February I get back my Permit Denied letter. So this past February I picked up a post permit season MFS permit for Sept 20th.I sent out invitations for the trip early and often. Many people committed, many bailed out. In the end a hearty crew of 8 set sail on what is absolutely an annual trip now. All original participants are grandfathered in for every year to come, the rest of you will have to beg and plead for a spot on next years trip. Obviously the water in September is extremely low so this was a Kayak adventure only but Napes was able to get his small cataraft down. The weather was amazing, the fishing was fantastic, my camera spent most of it's time in a drybag in my boat so pics are limited. The rule about only one night camping a t a hotspring is not in effect after the season and so we camped at the sheepeater hot springs, Sunflower, and then Loon Creek. We boiled ourselves silly for 3 nights in a row. We threw a big Elk roast in Napes' cooler and cooked it on sticks over the fire. We ate like heathens for the first 2 nights. We saw no bears, no mountain lions, we did get checked out by the local river otter crew as they eddied out right next to us to watch us float by. It was one of the greatest river trips of my life. Thanks to those who came. If you weren't there it was truly your loss.

Evan Tea, happy to be.

Dagger Falls at low water

Unbelievable fall colors at the ramp. For the first couple days we all just floated with our mouths open in astonishment at the beauty we were surrounded by.

The crew gets ready to launch
L-R Steven LeGrande Wiley, Colby Frazier, Alexander John Napier III, Nash Way, Johnnie Allsen(in boat), Fat Newty, Evan Tea, Jason Tea

The Good life at Sunflower Hot spring.
You'll notice my Tillamook Cheese and Dry Salami waiting for me.
I honestly cannot think of anything better than this.

Colby in Mid Jump off of the White Creek Bridge

Napes in Mid Contemplation at the confluence of the MFS and Loon Creek
That's my boat and gear in the foreground. There is something very fulfilling and elemental about carrying all of you gear inside your kayak.

"Newty, Newty, I caught my first Trout!!
Napes was so excited he dragged this poor fish over rocks and trees on a punishing trip to the camera. The little guy did survive the ordeal, the fish also survived.

End of the water, start of the "It's about 2- 2.5 hours from here to Stanley." Road trip that lasted closer to 5 hours to Stanley, about 13 to home. Every one of us would do it again without hesitation. Thanks again guys for a wonderful trip. For those that missed it, better get your resume and letters of recommendation in to us soon.