Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boys, boats, dogs and dirt

Took the boys and the big black dog to swazeys for the weekend, well actually just for Thurs Fri as I had to work saturday. Grumma Nancy and Pocca Rick came down for the evening. Here are the picts. Oh and bytheway, the saying is "Leaves of 3, Let it be" Someday I will learn.

OK this one is from a few weeks ago on the Bridal Veil section of the Provo. Just had to prove that the new biscuit is being used. And yes, that is a mustache. Unfortunately it is Mustache May! It's not an easy month.

Boys and Boats. This is why Noah is named Noah and Max is Maxwell Waters

One tired waterdog. She chased a stick in and out of the river till I just could not throw it anymore.

Grumma Nancy and her Boys

Me and My Dog

Beauty and the Biscuit.

Boat Bouncing Boys

Camp at Swazeys, Tiff noticed right away that from this angle Gunnison Butte bears a striking resemblance to a .....

Not sure what dad is up to in this picture but he looks to have stolen some cookies.

Max and his first love.

Monday, May 18, 2009

For the love of all things good and Holy

Just for your info about 2 months ago a dude in South America drop a 127 ft waterfall and thereby set a new world record. There was however, a lot of controversy surrounding his accomplishment and the video plainly showed him going in upside down and then he just magically appeared on the shore carrying his boat. No one saw him land and if you come out of your boat it doesn't count as a record. So to put the controversy to bed, this dude Tyler Bradt just went ahead and dropped a 186 footer. Enough talk, just watch the damn video.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring dun did sprung!

The Ice has melted!!

The Flowers have bloomed.

The boys and the dog have all been walked,

The rivers are raging,

and most importantly, my new baby is here and getting used!!!!!
yes, I do fit
Tomorrow Tiff and I are hosting the second annual
B to the 8th
Bridalveil,Boats, Boards, Bbq, Beer, Burgers, Brats(weiners) Brats(children)
it's a paddlefest on the bridalveil falls stretch of the Provo followed by a bbq for any and all local paddlers. Then after we're gonna longboard down the provo river trail in the dark and scare all the BYU zoobies trying to cop a feel without the Bishop knowing. Should have some photos of the new boat in the water after that, hopefully not upside down.