Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today is June 12, I've had this day circled on the calendar for 5 months. I've trained my everlovin ass off for today, and it was almost a disaster, almost.

My training was going well till I took that week and a half off for the Selway trip. I came home from that and ran my final 20 miler and completely messed up my Illiotibial band which runs from your hip to knee. I hurt it to the point I couldn't finish my other runs and actually walked home from a few runs almost in tears. I was completely unsure what today would bring and the prospects of even finishing were not good. Thanks to a some creative stretching and a varitable cornucopia of modern medicines I was able to pull it off. Not as fast as I had hoped but it was my first time and the hip and knee gave me a little trouble. I did sub-4 it though.

The Girl in the red is Jenny Davidson, This was all her fault.
I had spent about 2 years just happily running. Usually 5-10 miles and the occasional longer run. I was happy, I enjoyed running, then one fateful day Jenny called and queried me, "you ever gonna do anything with the running?" So here we are. I had just caught up to her badass self after 23 miles of trying.
I know some of you are gonna make some wise crack about me running shirtless. I'm ok with that. I may have been one of only 2 guys that were shirtless but I was NOT one of the 15-20 guys with bloody nipples bleeding all down their shirts. Put some ducktape on those puppies for hell's sake. I finally had to take my shirt off as it was soaked from the 2 hours of hard rain at the start and it was keeping me cold.

My sister-in -law Michelle made this and bought it to me.
Thanks Shell, you rock!

Chompin on a post-race Creamie while I waited for my Shirt. I guess most marathoners aren't 6'6". All things considered it went well, I enjoyed it and I'll likely do it again, but not tomorrow.
They say you can learn a lot about yourself in 26.2 miles.
What did I learn?
26.2 miles is a Hella long way to run.