Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dheres Dhosts!!!

"I see dead, orange people"

Since the day Tiff and I moved into this house everyone has taken great delight in trying to scare me into believing the place is haunted. And maybe it is. There was the night that I was on the river and Michelle slept over with Tiff when we were first married. They laid in bed talking about how Grandma Golda used to tell Michelle that if she wasn't good she would come back to haunt her, and just as they talked about it the window in our room that was almost impossible to open and close, just happened to slam shut!!
So with that in mind,
Last night I was upstairs getting some stuff together to go kayaking tomorrow. Tiff was in our room reading to the boys and Max decided to come up and help me. He loaded up some of my stuff and then....
with the upstairs hall light burned out,
he stands in the doorway
puts one hand on the door frame and stands on one foot while holding the other foot up on tippytoe and gently wiggling his hip back and forth,
He says,
in his most matter of fact way, and
in an utterly amazing little girl from Poltergeist impersonation,
"Daaaaaad, dheres dhosts."
Max: "Dheres Dhosts."
Me: Ghosts?
Max: Yep, dheres dhosts
Me: Where are the Ghosts?
Max: Ummm, dhere ouside.
Me: OOOOOK, lets go down stairs and have mommy tell us why we celebrate Easter!!!

I was just waiting for his head to start spinning around like in "The Exorcist"
Tiff an I have been laughing our heads off about it today , in the daylight!
It wasn't so funny last night in the dark!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I Love kayaking but I gotta say that I am glad that this picture is NOT me!
That dude is about to enter a brave new world of Pain!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My New Baby is in the oven!!!!!

It's a GIRL!!!!!
Here are a few of her stats so far.
6'3" long, 26" wide, and 34Lbs
She's going to be either Red or Yellow
She is currently in the oven and should be arriving at home on April 1st
Her Name is Biscuit, and she is beautiful!
here are the first pictures of my new baby!
I am One proud Papa!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hate really is a strong word and I use it far to much to describe things I simply dislike. I dislike; pickles, haircuts, shaving, uniforms, poverty, whining children, getting old, broken automobiles, and mustard! So when I think of Hate there is really only one thing in this world that I truly unabashedly HATE. Wanna take a guess what it is?
Not that nice cool summer breeze business but the crap that is going on outside right now. 40mph crap! Wind is the only element that you can't really do anything about. Snow, put on a coat. Rain, put on a coat. Sun/heat, take off the coat. But the wind is relentless. It howls like a wounded coyote, pervades every nook of a home, fills the sky with dust, and basically ruins my life! There is no good reason for wind and I tell you this, wind did NOT exist before the Fall of Adam. Wind was put here to punish us. I know what you are all thinking and I don't want to hear any of this "what about flying kites, or wind generated electricity, or wind erosion that creates beautiful canyons" bunch of nonsense! All of those are things we invented to take our minds off of how much the wind SUCKS!(or I guess Blows would be more appropriate)

Now for those of you that think I am just full of hatred and evil, most things in this world I absolutely love. My wife and children being #1 on that list followed closely by #2
Wanna take a guess?

You got it, WATER!

This is video of a Flash flood in the Grand Canyon 2 years ago.

Lees Ferry

Secret Location

LCR flash Flood

Rainbow from Bass Camp G.C.

So I have only one question to ask.

Is It July Yet?