Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Year, New Post

I should hopefully be able to fulfill my New Years Commitment to update this blog at least once a year to keep my one reader (Tiff) appeased.

Been a day or 5 since my last update. Not much has happened. Max had Birthday #5 Noah had birthday #9 Tiff had Birthday #34 and I also had a birthday. Christmas came and went. The kids got a ton of "stuff". We got further in debt. Noah lost 2 more teeth, Max lost his first, Kaya is trying to grow some. Kaya got longer but not much heavier, she's 6 months now and just hit 12 lbs. most of which she carries in her cheeks. I on the other hand am trying to shed the lbs I got for Christmas. Got a wicked case of Achilles Tendinitis the last week of the year from running in my new Five Finger shoes, (the ones that look like stupid feetgloves) Today was my first day back running, felt great.
Back in November Tiff and I both got thrown off the horse, that was fun. Tiff's back is just now feeling better. I spent the last 3 weeks in frantic study mode for my annual "if you fail you lose not just your job but your career" test. I passed, whew.

Took some pictures of my favorite little peanut

In the immortal words of Tom Petty

"She had eyes so blue, they looked like weather"

That's my girl.


Shanny Lou said...

Even without the magnificent work of the great thomas earl petty this was an awesome post. Welcome back to the blogdom. We are nothing w out you and your witty way of expressing your life w words. Your little peanut is beautiful.

Come shred w me sometime and stay out of them five finger shoe gloves and stay off them horses... who am I kidding? Drive fast and take chances.

Grandma Nancy said...

Her eyes are like shinning sapphire's. Love the pictures.

~~Heidi~~ said...

Hey there is more them one reader to your blog!! You Kaya sure has amazing eyes!! Those suckers are going to bring daddy some worried night when she get older!!!
Love you guys!

mich said...

We all new you would be a sucker for a little princess!

~Jason and Heidi~ said...

She is so stinkin' cute. And may I ask why you run in those blasted shoe/gloves. They are not only ugly, there is no arch support. And I don't care which specialist says they "build your arches". Yah...just ask your achilles. Glad you are able to run again. Nothing like getting out in the fresh air again.